Introducing MindShift Gear’s backpack series for photographer-backpackers

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MindShift Gear’s First Light backpack series addresses the most pressing needs of outdoor photographers who travel and trek, especially those who carry their 200mm to 600mm “Big Glass” lenses.

The First Light packs come in three sizes for a variety of camera equipment configurations.

The said backpacks have the depth to carry lenses ranging from 200 to 600 mm and have 11 points of adjustment to balance the weight of gear (consider Canon’s 600 mm f/4 lens, ideal for shooting wildlife from a distance which weighs nearly 12 pounds). Aside from that, the backpacks will also pass airline compatibility requirements.

Additionally, the three packs are made with ballistic nylon. Each has room for a laptop computer and essential non-photo gear and zippered pockets for quick access.

“We heard loudly and clearly from outdoor photographers that they wanted dual-purpose backpacks that they could use to transport their gear safely on airlines and also for carrying their largest lenses comfortably for hours while deep into their treks,” said MindShift Gear’s CEO and Lead Designer Doug Murdoch. “We were able to design backpacks sized to fit three different camera gear configurations that are the best made, most durable, most comfortable, and most reasonably priced in the market.”

Furthermore, The First Light 20L ($230) holds a standard DSLR, four to six zoom lenses and could carry a 300 mm f/2.8 lens. The 30L ($280) holds a camera, four to six lenses, and a slightly bigger telephoto lens, a 500 mm f/4 or a 400 mm /.2.8. The 40L ($330) can hold two DSLRs, six to eight lenses, a couple of flashes and heavy 600 mm lens.