Backpacking horrors: Eight grader becomes his father’s rescuer

David Finlayson, 52, and his son Charlie Winsted FInlayson, an eighth grader, have been backpacking for two weeks in the Frank Church River, No Return Wilderness, when an accident occurred. It was the 17th of August when a boulder the size of a refrigerator fell, hitting the older Finlayson, according to the reports of NBC station KTVB.

In the accident, David Finlayson has broken his left arm and leg. It dislodged a crown is considered to be one of her new tooth, ripped off the helmet and briefly knocked him out.

It was then up to the younger Finlayson to take care of his father, considering the nearest ranger station was thirteen miles away. Charlie, a boy scout, quickly calmed the nerves, and sprung into action.

“I was saying a lot of prayers before I left,” Charlie told the station.

The next morning, they started the slow path through the boulder field. It took them hours. David became hypothermic from loss of blood.

“I was hanging off a cliff and I thought I was going to bleed out,” says David. He said that day had been one of the most painful experiences in his life – literally.

The 13-year-old has searched the area for help, but hasn’t found any. it was when the father and son decided that Charlie would have had to do the 13 miles back to find help alone.

He carried a note with him, saying, , “My name is David Finlayson. This is my son Charlie. A large boulder fell on me 3 days ago. I have a broken arm (left), broken ankle (left), and a large open wound on my left leg. I believe the bleeding is under control. I cannot walk so I need a rescue unfortunately. Please help Charlie find one for me.”

“He’s fairly a scientist and an adventurer,” David said of his son. “He’s been climbing and backpacking with me for years “


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