Backpack with explosives forced Airport terminal to be evacuated


In yet another bomb scare, a suspicious backpack was found in the ticketing area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, causing the Bloomington bomb squad to turn up at the scene and the affected portion of the terminal to be evacuated.

Melissa Scovronski, the airport’s public affairs and marketing manager, told ABC News that the MSP officials initially had one of their officers swab the bag and it tested positive for explosives, prompting them to call for the evacuation of the ticketing terminal.

“It was an unattended backpack on one of the airline ticket counters, on the scale,” she said.

Numerous airlines were affected by the evacuation, including American, US Airways, Spirit, Frontier and United.

Bloomington bomb squad was called to investigate the scene. But according to WCCO-TV, there were no explosives.

Scovronski told ABC News that the backpack is now in the possession of the airport police. The owner of the backpack is still not known and is yet to be found.

Normal activities and operations were resumed about 90 minutes later.


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