Father of British backpackers raped and murdered in southern Thailand leaves court in tears

Thailand murder

The father of a young British backpacker who was raped and murdered on a Thai island wept in court as he was shown graphic images of her daughter’s body lying on a beach.

Tony Witheridge was in court with his son for the third day of the trial of two men over the murder of his 23-year-old daughter Hannah and the 24-year-old David Miller.

The young Witheridge was travelling with Miller when they were killed on a holiday trip to Koh Tao, an island in southern Thailand last September.

Post mortem examinations showed both had suffered severe head wounds and that the British backpacker had been raped.

Two Myanmar migrant workers, Zaw Lin and Win Zaw, have been arrested and accused of killing the young backpackers.

The two migrant workers initially confessed to the crime within days of the victims’ bodies being discovered, but they have retracted that confession, claiming they had been tortured into making it.

The investigation into the deaths has been marred by confusion and allegations of police incompetence.

Thai police said that DNA evidence from the murder case had not been lost, despite earlier statements from the police that vital evidence couldn’t be re-examined as requested by the defense team because it had gone missing.

The police had previously been criticized online due to the slowness of response by the police to cordon off the scene of the crime.

On the other hand, David Miller’s parents, Ian and Susan, were also in court following their son’s tragic death. The Miller matriarch confirmed that she and her husband had been to Koh Tao, where her son and Witheridge were killed.

The trial began on nearby island Koh Samui last Monday, and is expected to end on September 25 while verdict is expected in October.


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